Introducing Dockers® DuraFlex Lite — khakis that are
lightweight, durable and flexible, wear after wear,
wash after wash.

A day with DuraFlex Lite™

See how Dockers® DuraFlex Lite khakis can help you conquer a busy day.

This is DuraFlex Lite™

Dockers® DuraFlex Lite™ is a versatile khaki that moves like you do and stays fresh when you hit the ground running.



You work hard, but you also play hard. And now your clothes should follow suit. Enter Dockers® DuraFlex Lite — an innovative fabric that is sturdy, flexible, and keeps up with you wherever you go. Whether it’s a hectic day in the city or a last-minute after-work appointment, you can dress these khakis up or down. Because with Dockers® DuraFlex Lite, you’re always confident and always ready for anything.


Featuring a strong cotton blend, Dockers® DuraFlex Lite is made to last and to keep you going through thick or thin. Hurdles have got nothin’ on you — but you already knew that.


Dockers® DuraFlex Lite helps you stay agile and comfortable all day long. With khakis this light, focusing on the more important things in life will be a total breeze.

Standard Original Khaki with DuraFlex Lite™
RM188 (Foil)
Alpha New Refined Khaki with DuraFlex Lite™
RM218 (Agate Blue)
Standard Original Khaki with DuraFlex Lite™
RM188 (Washed Red)
Alpha 2.0 Khaki with DuraFlex Lite™
RM218 (Sahara Khaki)
Alpha 2.0 Khaki with DuraFlex Lite™
RM218 (Outerlands Grey)

Engineered for
guys on the go.